General CBF

An Easter Prayer

Christ is risen!
We give thanks for the gift of Easter
A gift we struggle to explain
Let alone receive into our lives.

Almighty God,
Grant to us that we may seek to live out each day
as members of your kingdom,
Grant to us that we may believe in the resurrection
with our whole heart, mind, and soul,
Grant to us that we may stay steadfast in this faith
so that we may praise and thank you always.

As we remember the Easter event we pray
for the ability to stand up for injustice in the world,
We pray that we will continually seek
the peace of Christ,
We pray for our world
which everyday reminds us of the grace
given to us by God
who came to earth so that we might live.

We pray that we would live as Easter people
saying with our lives,“Christ is risen, Hallelujah!”

Hear our gratefulness
In the name of the resurrected Christ,

The author of this prayer, Josh Speight, is the Missional Congregations Services Manager of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

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