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CBF South Carolina Coordinator requests prayer for North Charleston

The following request comes from Jay Kieve, who serves as the coordinator of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina (CBFSC). 


As you enter into personal prayer today or into congregational prayer meetings this evening, please pray for our friends in North Charleston as they sort through the repercussions of police officer Michael Slager being charged with the murder of Walter Scott. You can read a summary of the story here.

For more than a decade, CBFSC has partnered in North Charleston with Metanoia, Inc. and its founding CEO Bill Stanfield. At this hour (about 1:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday), Bill is standing with police officers and community members at a press conference about the shooting.

For several years, Bill has served on the North Charleston Police’s community advisory board. Metanoia, Inc. has partnered with the police force to assist with neighborhood orientations and involved police representatives at presentations, celebrations and other positive community events. Bill and Metanoia have partnered with the North Charleston Police to build trust and foster hope.

As you pray, you may pray specifically for:

  •  Bill, Metanoia and the 100,000 residents of North Charleston who are cast in the national spotlight because of tragedy
  • the continued good will and trust between community and police force, specifically in the Chicora-Cherokee neighborhood served by Metanoia, Inc.
  • Bill, the police chief, mayor and other community leaders in N. Charleston as they seek peace and prosperity for their neighborhoods
  • the family and friends of Walter Scott
  • the family and friends of Michael Slager
  • the North Charleston Police who will continue to do their difficult jobs while standing in the tension between concern for their fellow officer and service to their city
  • the peace of Christ to bridge differing points of view, differing racial experiences and differing political perspectives so that respectful listening, learning, healing and growth in love may follow.

Bill and Metanoia have learned, practice and teach a way of being the world that focuses on positive change rather than intractable problems.

The method and motto of Metanoia is a good way forward in the shadow of tragic death, just as in community building, and serves as an invitation to all of us as we follow Christ together:

“Listen first. Build on strengths. Believe.”

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