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Praying with Hope

By Bo Prosser
Bo Prosser
CBF General Assembly is upon us. June 15-20, we will come together for our “family reunion” in Dallas. I’m hopeful for the forming together that will happen in these days. So for the next few weeks, pray with hope. Hope is positive prayer, hope sets us on an optimistic journey and hope opens us up to new possibilities.

Hope is certainly a spiritual practice that must be learned. Too many of us pray with predetermined expectations, telling God what we want and that we want it now. This type of prayer puts us in a position to be disappointed. Praying with our “shopping list” of expectations very quickly leads to a negativity that may turn into despair.

Hope puts us in a posture of patiently waiting for God to act. When we pray with hope, we are confident that God hears our prayers. When we pray with hope, we pray consistently with optimism. Praying hopefully issues from our faith in God and praying hopefully leads us into a deeper love of God. Yes, this can be a bit of a challenge, but in a few days you’ll live into a hopefulness that you didn’t imagine. Your prayers will move from “Lord, I want…” toward “Lord, I hope…” Praying hopefully implies a patience to wait and to let God’s will be done “on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Pray hopefully for yourself and your life. Pray hopefully for your church and for all of God’s churches. Pray hopefully for our General Assembly and all that will happen in those days of worship, learning and fellowship. Pray hopefully for one or two of the names to the right. All of us who are on this prayer list covet your prayers, and we pray hopefully that you are praying for us and with us. Pray hopefully for peace, for people on your path and for the presence of Christ to continue forming us together as a people of hope!

Bo Prosser serves as the Coordinator of Organizational Relationships for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. 

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