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You might be a Cooperative Baptist if…

By Rob Fox

You might be a Cooperative Baptist if:

  1. You live by the motto: “I am here to serve.” You aren’t afraid to shed the trappings of tradition, wrap a towel around your waist, and wash the feet of those around you.  In other words, you are CHRIST-LIKE.  You share the love of Christ in both word and deed, and you immerse yourself fully in acts of God’s grace.
  2. You often have “Aha” moments! There always seems to be a glowing light bulb above your head, representing a new idea or inspiration.  You shine the light and love of Christ.  You are INNOVATIVE, and you are always reading and seeking ways to renew the church and God’s world.
  3. You aren’t afraid to pour out your soul over a cup of coffee…or sweet tea. You enjoy breaking bread with friends and mentors, and you enjoy sharing life together.  You are AUTHENTIC.  You value and nurture genuine relationships that are built upon trust and respect.
  4. Your passport is up to date! While you invest and support your local community, you are fascinated by how God is at work around the world.  You are a GLOBAL citizen.  Although you may not have traveled extensively, you invest your support and prayers in mission of God around the world.
  5. You go the extra mile. When a friend asks you to walk one mile, you go the second mile too.  You embrace and inspire EXCELLENCE.  You raise the bar by inspiring new work and partnerships between churches and individuals.
  6. Your family tree has deep roots and wide branches. You know that the family of God is both deep and wide, and you value DIVERSE people and perspectives.  You seek out others who think differently than you, and you seek out opportunities to dialogue and learn from one another.

What else makes you a Cooperative Baptist?

Rob Fox serves as the Field Coordinator for CBF of Virginia. 

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