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Coaching works – (Part 1)

By Bo Prosser

I wish that I had discovered professional coaching twenty years ago.

This is a wonderful approach to personal and professional growth and development. The models vary, but the basic flow is this: the person being coached provides the agenda for the conversation. The coach listens, asks pertinent questions and provides helpful feedback. The conversation usually takes place over the phone. The environment is supportive, forward moving and positive. The results are fabulous.

Persons who participate in coaching have a more positive outlook about life and work, are more motivated to achieve, and are better adjusted to their workplace. Coaching works!

Over the next few days here on the CBFblog, you’ll find reflections from coaches on the benefits of taking part in the coaching process.


What coaching has given me 
By Beth Kennett

Center for Congregational Health staff photographed in Davis Chapel, Beth Kennett

Over the past 10 years, I have actively engaged in coach training, continuing education, working to achieve professional coaching credentials and logging many, many hours coaching individuals and groups.  Through this process, I have grown tremendously as a pastor, as an individual, as a mother and spouse and maybe mostly, in the way that I show care and compassion for others. This growth is a direct result of being coached and responding to God’s calling to coach others.

Since I began coach training, I have gained more confidence in myself and in being authentically, who I am. I have a more reasonable expectation of myself. Also, I have a healthier expectation of others, recognizing that there are no limits to the possibilities. I treat others with a greater respect, not just because I am a coach, but because of my understanding that we all have unlimited potential—we all have extraordinary gifts.  If I bring no other quality to the places that I am than to invite others to tap into their potential and to live more fully from who they are, then I have helped the world to become more beautiful and more peaceful.  This is the gift that coaching brings to me and that I am able to share through the work that I do and the vocation that I live.

Because of coaching, from either side of the relationship—coach or client, I have become a healthier pastor. I am aware of and work at healthy boundaries in various areas of my work, life and with colleagues. I have a greater understanding not just of what I am capable but also of what brings me great joy.

The skills and tools gained through coaching and coach training assist individuals in being stronger leaders and healthier professionals. My regular conversations with my coach provide the space for me to find balance, to be more realistic and provide me a confidential and supportive partner as I stretch into my full potential as a leader.


Christian coaching helps
By Eddie Hammett

EddieHammettChristian coaching creates a sacred space for clergy and church to move from state of frustration or aimlessness to fulfillment and meaningful action. The busy world, filled with steep learning curves, often brings frustration to leaders and churches. Coaching helps.

CBF has trained, capable Christian coaches ready to work, in a confidential relationship, with pastors/staff, leadership teams and congregations to create sacred space for collaborative conversations designed to engage members and communities in a fresh dream and move of the Spirit. Coaches bring a unique skill set of deep listening, discernment and the ability to frame and ask powerful questions to support the forward movement of leaders and congregations.

Enlist a coach. Most will provide a free 30 minute phone interview and coaching demonstration, if you like, to help you frame your desired outcomes, some clarity about direction, time frame and your investment in the journey. I’ve had the joy of watching God work in hearts of leaders and congregations to move them from feelings of frustration and aimlessness to a deep sense and reality of fulfillment and action. Contact us to begin a journey with a coach to walk with you (or your church), face the steep learning curves, move through the fears to an exciting experience of fulfillment. Return to the joy of your calling!


The coaching process is meant to help with positive professional and personal growth and development. The process is affirming, supportive and future-oriented. Coaching works! To learn more about the coaching process through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship for you or your church, contact Bo Prosser, CBF Coordinator of Strategic Partnerships at or Harry Rowland, CBF Director of Missional Congregations at

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