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A Prayer for Paris and Beirut

By Rev. Josh Speight

God we are weary, weary of attacks and chaos.

God we are shaken, shaken by the news that so many lives have been wounded and killed in Paris and Beirut.

God we are tired, tired of being scared and wondering when the next attack will happen.

God we are weeping, weeping with the families as they mourn and cry out in the night.

God we are grateful, grateful that when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death you are with us.

God we are hopeful, hopeful that your love is bigger than our hate and stronger than our malice toward our brothers and sisters.

God we are praying, praying that you would reveal your peace this day not only in Paris and Beirut but throughout your whole world.

God we are seeking, seeking your light and ask that it would shine bright from the City of Lights in the midst of this dark night.


Josh Speight serves as Missional Congregations Resources Manager for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

2 thoughts on “A Prayer for Paris and Beirut

  1. “God, we are …
    God, we are …
    God, we are…”

    Josh, thank you for speaking so well of what we all feel.

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