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CBF Ministries Council and Engaging Partners

By Griff Martin

In August 2015, the Cultivating Partnerships and Encouraging Advocacy subcommittee of the Ministries Council met to discuss growing and highlighting partnerships and advocacy across the CBF body. This fall we have two most specific goals in mind for our committee work, which we believe we greatly enhance both of these vital ministries areas in our fellowship.

With the Cultivating Partnership element, we have compiled a list of the 66 different recognized partnerships that the Fellowship has in place right now. This team has divided this list among us and are reaching out to all our partners to ask these two questions:

  • How does the work your and your organization do enhance CBF ministries and CBF churches?
  • Are there any resources that you produce or contribute to which we all might not be aware enough of? What are those?

Our goal is simply asset mapping of all these different partnerships. We are well aware that we have been blessed with incredible resources as a body, we fear we might miss some of those and not be aware enough of all the tools that are offered. Our goal here is to create a way to further highlight resources and tools from our partners to CBF churches and ministries.

With the Encouraging Advocacy element, we are really thinking through what does advocacy look like for CBF. Within the last year, CBF has become a pivotal voice in the conversations in our country regarding payday lending, and we are eager to see what other issues we can address as a Fellowship. We are exploring further issues and beginning conversations with CBF’s new Advocacy Outreach Specialists. Our goal here is the highlight and further the Advocacy work so many of our local congregations are involved in at this point.

As we continue to connect with our partners, we are excited to further share our findings with you as a fellowship.

Griff Martin is the Senior Pastor of University Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, La. He serves as a member of the CBF Ministries Council and is part of the Cultivating Partnerships and Encouraging Advocacy subcommittee.

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