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Dr. King and the Beloved Community — A blog series

MLK 1Join us on this day as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his commitment to reconciliation and the Beloved Community. This CBFblog series from 2014 includes nine reflections from across the Fellowship on Dr. King’s “outrageous venture of loving the other without conditions” and the continued and necessary “discipline of bearing peaceful witness to the cross of Jesus Christ.” And in doing so, this series highlights that the vision of a Beloved Community — a Kingdom vision of God’s love lived out in the world; rooted in the powerful belief that God is Love and Love is of God  —  stands behind an event, the “theological drama” that was the Civil Rights Movement.

As you read, join us as we pray for renewed hope — hope for understanding, justice and reconciliation — hope for a future where we are truly living out the dream of Beloved Community — hope for less violence and more dialogue — hope that we can be a united people of God doing Kingdom work together.

Part 1 —  ”Dr. King and Beloved Community — A CBFblog series” (by Aaron Weaver, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship)

Part 2 — “The The Spiritual Discipline of Martin Luther King Jr.” (by Doug Weaver, Baylor University)

Part 3 — “Celebrating Dr. King and the Separation of Church and State” (by Charles Watson Jr., Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)

Part 4 — “‘Tell Them About the Dream, Martin!’” (by Patrick Anderson, Christian Ethics Today)

Part 5 — “Little boxes on the hillside — Dr. King’s Dream as part of God’s Dream” (by Lanta Cooper, Park Avenue Baptist Church)

Part 6 — “MLK Day of Service at First Baptist Church, Decatur Ga.” (by Sharyn Dowd, FBC Decatur)

Part 7 — “Disturbers of the Peace: Living into Dr. King’s Dream” (by Jim Holladay, Lyndon Baptist Church, Louisville, Ky.)

Part 8 — “The Vision of the Beloved Community: Are we there yet? (by Trey Lyon, Park Avenue Baptist Church and CBF field personnel)

Part 9 — “Dr. King’s vision of the Beloved Community” (by Roger Jasper, Living Faith Baptist Fellowship”)

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