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Journey to the Cross Returns to Passport, Inc.’s Devotion Website



BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Journey to the Cross, the devotional series for Lent, returns to Passport, Inc.’s devotional website Ash Wednesday, February 10.

d365Logo_LogoCirclesWebThis series features scripture, prayer, and meditative thoughts accompanied by gentle music. The themes for each week invite you to examine and experience different aspects of your own faith journey and draw you near to the story of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection. The ecumenical team of writers includes Michelle Phillips, Blake Tommey, Katie Gilbert, Bronwyn Clark Skov, Jeremy Wilhelmi, Devita Parnell, Nick Foster, and Samantha Haycock. Journey to the Cross features a collection of instrumental arrangements from Ken Medema. The musical reflections provide a familiar and gentle backdrop that accompanies the daily devotional.

Journey to the Cross is part of the year-round devotional site,, a ministry of Passport, Inc., and sponsored ecumenically by Passport, Inc., Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Presbyterian Mission Agency, and The Episcopal Church. hosts daily devotionals and three seasonal series for Lent, Advent, and the beginning of the school year, as well as over two million visitors annually. Daily devotionals are available on the web and through the free iOS app.


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