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Our Hosannas don’t have to be quiet

Since the events in Brussels, Belgium, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has been in contact with CBF field personnel Janée Angel, who lives and serves in Antwerp, Belgium. Janée has reported that all is well with her and her family. She asks for prayers for all of those affected by the violence and reports that people are in shock over the death and destruction today.

Janée also asks for prayers for those who  witnessed the violence and are traumatized by the experience, including a family friend who is a taxi driver and was at the airport at the time the bomb exploded, leaving a body on the windshield of her taxi. (Read this article to learn more about her ministry: “Forming Together in the Shadow of War” ) Join us as we pray today for Belgium, for Janée and her family, for the refugee situation and for peace.

By Joshua Speight, CBF Missional Congregations Resources Manager

Lord, another terrorist attack in Brussels is in our news feed today. People going about their ordinary lives were suddenly and quickly brought to our attention as bombs hurt, maimed and murdered these who hoped to travel the world today.

Our fear is heightened again today. Our anxiety is strong. Our grief for those who are hurt and are dying is overwhelming. Lord, we are tired of this repeated cycle of violence.

Suddenly, the celebration of Palm Sunday seems so distant. The joyous “Hosannas” we sang while remembering Jesus riding on a borrowed colt into Jerusalem seems so quiet today.

But, our Hosannas don’t have to be quiet.

“Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord” is still our song we sing, especially in the face of violence on this day. This Holy Week reminds us that God came to all of us, God is with us, God is our ever-present peace in the midst of chaos.

As we walk this journey with Jesus toward his own violent death, may we remember all those who suffer, may we join our hearts with those who hurt in Brussels, may we lift our hearts with those who grieve the lives lost in Belgium, and may we asks for God’s peace and mercy to overwhelm us all.

God, send your love, your hope and your peace today.


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