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An Easter Prayer

By Joshua Speight

prayerMost evenings in our home the four of us try to gather before bedtime to share about our day and pray together. Becky and I ask our daughters, Ainsley and Evelyn, three questions:

– What was something good about today?
– What was something not so good about today?
– Who is someone you would like to pray for today?

It is in these moments, among the chaos of parenting and being an adult that I am reminded just how much children pay attention. My daughters, just like every other child, have good days and bad days and they notice when their friends need prayer. This rhythm of checking in as a family, even if just for a few minutes, has grounded us and reminded us that God is with us and God wants us to share our lives with not just with one another, but with God too. Reflecting on our day together has created space for God to be with us as a family.

In the same way, Holy Week is a powerful time to remember and reflect on the life of Christ, creating space for God to be with us. It is a time of checking in with God – so to speak – to share in the joy of Palm Sunday, the misunderstood last supper observed on Maundy Thursday, the painful death of Jesus on Good Friday, and the triumph of his resurrection on Sunday.

As we continue our walk with Jesus this Holy Week and arrive at the empty tomb celebrating his victory over death on Sunday morning, let us worship together and share with one another in prayer as my children remind me to do most evenings.

God, thank you for this day and thank you for my family.

Thank you for Jesus and for Easter.

Thank you for our church.

God, please be with everyone who is in the hospital and who is sick or not having a very good day.

God, thank you for loving us and for caring for us and being with us.

We love you Jesus.


*This prayer is an adaptation of a typical prayer offered by both of our daughters on most evenings during family prayers. It is offered today as an Easter prayer to you.

Josh Speight serves as the Missional Congregations Resources Manager for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. 

2 thoughts on “An Easter Prayer

  1. Dear Josh:

    Thank you for sharing your lovely family story. I can easily envision you and Becky with your girls–whose names, by the way, are beautiful. I suspect that your daughters are beautiful both inside and out.

    Blessings ’round the year–each year.


    June Rose

  2. I love the thought of family sharing all this, when I was just looking for a nice Easter Prayer to share with my family today at our gathering. I love the insight and I will share with my family this information too. God bless you all.

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