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The following story comes from 11-year-old Jeffery Brown. He attends Longview Baptist Church in Raleigh, N.C. with his family. Jeffery and his brother Justin (age 9) decided to make a bunk bed for a refugee family as an RA mission project this spring. Under the supervision of their father, Jeff, and grandfather, Jake, the three generations of Brown men built the bunk bed and then helped a team from their church furnish an apartment for a family being resettled from Southeast Asia. His words and actions are inspiring. More than 2,500 refugees will be resettled in North Carolina this year. Your help is needed too.

JB1Have you ever wondered how to be the hands and feet of the Lord?  I did and I was able to do it by building bunk beds for an immigrant family.

After CBF field personnel Marc Wyatt came and spoke to my RA group, I knew what I wanted to do for my mission project. Mr. Wyatt told us about the immigrants he works with. One of the things he said was they needed beds for the kids. Most families have more than one child and they have to share a room so I decided to build a bunk bed. Mr. Wyatt already had building plans for me to follow.

JB2After we got all the materials and with help from my dad and grandfather, we built a bunk bed. First we had to measure and cut our wood. Then we sanded. After sanding we started to assemble the different pieces. We glued and screwed the end pieces together and then drilled holes for the side pieces to be bolted on. When we finished we stained the whole thing which gave it a wonderful color.

The next step was the best. We met Mr. Wyatt at the apartment where the new refugee family would be moving into in just a few days. We set up the bed and a few days later two kids from Burma slept in their new bunk bed that I helped build.

Knowing that two kids from a faraway country now have their own beds in Raleigh and that I was helping a missionary made this an awesome project. I believe I can now say I was the hands and feet of the Lord.


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