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Sharing our “pearl of great price”

The following comes from CBF field personnel serving among refugees in the Middle East. Due to security concerns, their identity and location cannot be revealed. You can read more about their ministry here

Greetings from the warm and balmy Middle East! As I write, I can hear the lovely sounds of rain falling outside. It is much needed here, but my pleasure in this sound is lessened by the knowledge of the thousands (in our city alone) who are living in tents taking refuge from the war in Syria. They have pitched their tents on any piece of land they can find. The rain will keep them huddled inside their tents trying to stay warm and dry.

Last week, we visited a new camp which has just sprung up. The people were very friendly. They pulled out a long rug, put it on the ground, gave us pillows to rest on, and brought out the tea!

boy with dollWhile we rested on the pillows, not for sitting—more for reclining, I noticed something. I went over to see what it was and found this doll. The doll is naked, missing both legs and has red paint dripping down its face for some reason. So sad, but it had a pillow to rest on as well.

However what struck me most was that this doll was the only toy I saw in that camp of 30-40 children. All of them wanted to play with that doll. War changes people, it changes what we consider a treasure. All of the children wanted to play with that doll—boys and girls alike. The boys tended to hold it by its hair and upside down, but still they wanted it. Their pleasure in that toy was evident.

As we share food, blankets, heaters and baby supplies with the refugees, we hope to share our “pearl of great price” which we have sold all to acquire. It is our hope that holding up the Lord will draw people to him.

littlegirlThis is a picture of a girl (and her little brother) whose family received aid. One man, saw the stickers which we have printed up in Arabic and attached to food packets, which read “Donated by the Protestant Churches in [our city],” asked around until he found a church. He attends services in his heart language every week now!

Thank you for all you who are a part of our ministry, you too are helping the refugees in Jesus’ name!

If you wish to help with this ministry, you may give to the Syrian relief fund at CBF. Food, clothing, baby needs and medical needs can be met in this way. In some areas, we are moving to minister with language classes and support for children to attend school.

To partner with CBF field personnel serving among Syrian refugees, visit www.cbf.net/Syria to learn how you can give. The CBF Offering for Global Missions serves as another way to partner with CBF field personnel serving in difficult places around the world, sustaining their presence among the most marginalized. To partner with field personnel through participation in the Offering, visit www.cbf.net/OGM

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