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Kentucky Baptist Fellowship to Build Eleventh Extreme Build House

XB2013STEARNS, KY – Kentucky Baptist Fellowship is pleased to name Esther McCartt and Geneva Yancey as the recipients of the eleventh Extreme Build house built in McCreary County. McCartt and Yancey are cousins who were raised like sisters. This year’s Extreme Build is a rebuild. In 2012 the cousins’ home, which had been in the family for decades, sustained significant fire damage. That house has been demolished, and a new home will be built in its stead. McCartt and Yancey are excited to meet the many people from across Kentucky who will come together to help them build their new home. Kentucky Baptist Fellowship’s eleventh Extreme Build in McCreary County will be held June 8-18, 2016.

Launched in 2006, Extreme Build is a part of a rural poverty initiative known as Together for Hope seeks to improve the quality of housing in McCreary County one family at a time. For the past ten summers, more than 125 volunteers from across Kentucky and other states, including Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Tennessee, and Texas, have given their time, money and energy to build a house for a family in McCreary County.

Extreme Build homes are applied for and received at affordable rates by residents of McCreary County who otherwise could not qualify for a house. Recipients are required to attend home ownership classes as well as correct any past credit issues. Funding for the home is comprised of USDA loans, grants, donated funds, donated labor and gifts in kind. The recipient is not required to pay a down payment, but they must buy a prepaid homeowners policy before the build begins.

Extreme Build is a joint partnership between McCreary County Community Housing Development Corporation (McCHDO), Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation (KHIC), Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises (FAHE), USDA Rural Development, Together for Hope, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) and Kentucky Baptist Fellowship (KBF). Local organizations including Olive Branch Ministries, Hills and Hollers Ministries and Whitley City First Baptist Church help make this build possible.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship is a non-profit organization that includes individuals and churches. For more information, please contact Rhonda Blevins at 502-426-1931 or at

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