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Singing helps heal the soul

By Bo Prosser

In times like these…

In times like these, I turn to music.  Music soothes, calms, sometimes gives deeper meaning.  Hymns helps us articulate the feelings that are moving inside us, conflicting us, challenging.  This was certainly true of the Psalmist who wrote songs to God at almost every turn. Psalm 77 is a song of fear, discouragement, doubt; and, ultimately, assurance. Psalm 23 and 42 are beloved “hymns” of hope. In these days we must sing and sing loudly.  Our songs may soothe those who are troubled. Our songs may calm spirits that are churning. Let us sing like we have never sung before. And, then let us act!

One of my favorite songs that brings comfort is by one of our friends, Kate Campbell.  Follow this link to one of those songs that moves me to tears each time I hear it.

Pat Terry has a couple of songs that also provide assurance. In “Rivers of Hope” the emphasis is on spiritual survival in the midst of situations that are profoundly disappointing and soul-wrecking. “Forgiveness” speaks to the glue that holds things together and opens the door to healing.  You can listen to these at and on You Tube.

There are many good performers and singer/songwriters on the web. A Google search for “songs of comfort” will give you more than you can listen to in a week!

Find your favorite song/hymn and play it daily. Sing it, listen to it, share it. Blessed Assurance, Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art are all time favorite hymns. Sing them, listen to them, be comforted and strengthened by them. God is in the singing and the singing will move you to action.  So, let us sing like we have never sung before; and, let us act! Love wins!

Bo Prosser is Coordinator of Organizational Relationships for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

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