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A ‘guinea pig’ ministry

By Sara Robb


Linsey Addington is serving as the first Student.Church and Go intern at Scott Boulevard Baptist Church.

My three pet Guinea Pigs and I are a little sensitive to the term “guinea pig” being applied to experimental things like a new program, or a new ministry initiative. This summer, however, I am pleased to be labeled a “guinea pig” for a Student Dot Ministries initiative that combines Student.Church and Student.Go internships into a single 10-15 week ministry training program that offers students a unique opportunity to develop and sharpen skills in both community and local church ministry.

As a young minister and first-time Student Dot supervisor, I am learning a lot about myself and my management style, but mostly, I’m enjoying the connection to other young ministers through this partnership with Student Dot and with my intern, Linsey.

Scott Boulevard Baptist Church is also benefiting greatly from this unique partnership. As a church without a permanent building, but a people with a lasting legacy, Scott Boulevard Baptist Church is a special group of people who are committed to becoming the presence of Christ to the world around. Investing in Linsey’s growth as a minister has been a great way for us to not only show Christ’s love to her, but also to equip her to take our story and our innovative way of doing ministry to the community around us.

“Student.Church and Go” is a great idea in theory and in practice. It is a creative way to allow young ministers to explore their many gifts in an out-of-the box way that benefits the student, the church and the surrounding community. Student.Church and Go internships will allow students to get hands-on experience in community-focused ministry initiatives like community engagement and in congregational ministry through pastoral visits and opportunities for leading in worship.

In Scott Boulevard’s case, this has been a positive experiment and we are excited to see where Linsey’s ministry journey takes her, and we hope to hear many more success stories in the near future as Student.Church and Student.Go continue to create opportunities for young ministers to grow and for the churches they serve to grow along with them.

Sara Robb serves as the Associate Pastor of Ministry with Aging at Scott Boulevard Baptist Church in Decatur, Ga.

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