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CBF Disaster Response prepares response to Louisiana flooding


August 15, 2016

By Carrie McGuffin

8/16 UPDATE: Broadmoor Baptist Church is requesting supplies including diapers (various sizes), feminine hygiene products, toiletries as well as water for individuals staying in shelters. CBF Disaster Response requests that churches gather these supplies. Additional updates on where to send/deliver the supplies will be forthcoming. Volunteer teams will also be needed as soon as permission is received to enter the areas affected and begin work. CBF Disaster Response in conjunction with its state partners is in the process of identifying host churches and will soon provide contact addresses and numbers for volunteer teams to call. Please contact Alan Williams with any questions at 


DECATUR, Ga. – The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is responding to the ongoing flooding that has devastated parts of southern Louisiana, working with partners to make evaluations, assess needs and determine ways to provide aid.

CBF U.S. Disaster Response Coordinator Alan Williams is coordinating efforts with CBF of Louisiana and CBF of Mississippi. Williams is en route to Baton Rouge to meet at Broadmoor Baptist Church, a CBF partner congregation, to make preparations and evaluate the damage with other area Fellowship leaders, including CBFMS Coordinator Jason Coker and CBFMS Disaster Response leader Jim Kendall.

Search and rescue efforts remained underway Monday as water levels continue to rise and needs will be difficult to assess until initial recovery efforts conclude, Williams said. The death toll is still rising alongside the number rescued as search and rescue officials continue their efforts.

While there is not a request for specific material goods at this time, Williams emphasized, donations towards items determined to be necessary will soon be requested.

“We will continue to keep Cooperative Baptists updated around the efforts and needs as they are solidified,” Williams said.

Williams also said volunteer teams and organized efforts will likely be needed in the coming days as the waters subside.

“This is dirty work,” Williams said. “Please stand by for us to call on teams to come clean out damaged structures once search and rescue efforts conclude. CBF Disaster Response will continue to provide updates.”

To provide monetary support for relief efforts in Louisiana, give online here, or you may mail a check payable to “CBF” with Acct. 17006 in the memo line to:

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
P.O. Box 102972
Atlanta, GA 30368-2972

For additional information, contact Alan Williams at


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