Join CBF’s Suzii Paynter and Pledge to #EndHunger by 2030

Bread for the World, a partner of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, has launched a series of video messages from Christian leaders speaking about why their faith tradition believes working to end hunger is important, what the Bible says about ending hunger and how they have been affected by people who are hungry and poor, and what advocacy means in our lives as disciples of Jesus.

Watch the video below of CBF Executive Coordinator Suzii Paynter share on ending hunger by 2030.

Read and sign Bread for the World’s Pledge to #EndHunger by 2030 here.

Don’t miss the other Faith to End Hunger videos from leaders including:

  • Senior Bishop John Richard Bryant, African Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Shane Claiborne, Founder, The Simple Way
  • David Jeffrey, National Commander, Salvation Army
  • Rev. Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent, Wesleyan Church
  • Bishop Richard Pates, Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of Des Moines, Iowa
  • Heath Rada, Moderator, 221st General Assembly, Presbyterian Church
  • Rev. Gabriel Salguero, National Latino Evangelical Coalition
  • Jim Wallis, President and Founder, Sojourners

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