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Join us for an Offering webinar in October

By Mark Wingfield

We believe in the power of cooperative missions. We believe this so much that we want every church and individual affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship to understand what a tremendous opportunity we now face in these last months of 2016.

Now more than ever, our gifts to CBF’s Offering for Global Missions will do a world of good.

That’s why the CBF Missions Council has created an exciting new webinar designed for both clergy and lay people to share the importance of the Offering and ways small, mid-sized and large churches can increase their support of CBF Global Missions. The webinar will feature inspiring stories by CBF field personnel, as well as practical tips and promotional ideas for including your entire church in more meaningful mission engagement.

You may register here for the date and time that works best for you:

We are excited about the vision of CBF Global Missions. Here’s why:

  • CBF has streamlined and restructured its global missions force for efficiency and effectiveness. We are lean but effective.
  • CBF has recommitted itself to an incarnational presence around the world through our field personnel. We believe so strongly in this that we are moving to fully fund the presence of all our field personnel rather than asking any of them to raise their own support just to live in a place among the people they serve.
  • We are cultivating beloved community. CBF’s global missions strategy is not hit-and-run evangelism. Rather, it is built on relationships that foreshadow the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.
  • We are bearing witness to Jesus Christ. While our field personnel and mission partners do a lot of good in this world, we also preach and teach about the resurrected Christ who calls us to eternal life.
  • We are seeking transformational development. Handing out sandwiches is not a long-term strategy to help hungry people. Our goal is to transform systems and situations to elevate the God-given capacity of all people.

On behalf of the CBF Missions Council, we invite you to join with us between now and December to support the Offering for Global Missions, which is the primary funding mechanism for our shared witness around the world. Our new funding model is ambitious but practical. We must raise $4 million through the offering this year.

Whether your congregation takes up a special offering once a year or includes the Offering for Global Missions in your annual budget, we are eager to support you with a variety of resources to take your support of missions to the next level.  We hope you will sign up for one of our webinars today.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel of Jesus Christ, which we boldly proclaim together.

Mark Wingfield is the associate pastor at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, and serves as chair of the CBF Missions Council Sustainability Working Group. 


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