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Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.

Join us on this day as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his commitment to reconciliation and the Beloved Community.

To celebrate this day, there are reflections on the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship channel at Patheos on our call as Christ-followers to the work of racial reconciliation and justice.

Holding onto Hope in a Journey of Awakening to Racial Injustice by Chrissy Tatum Williamson

Caught between quick fixes, despair, and the long-seeded, exhausting, real solutions to the systemic problems that led us to the events of September 20th and after, I had no idea how to respond. After some very honest “I don’t knows,” I started brainstorming about what white people really need to do to confront racism and finally work toward it’s dismantling.

Remembering Dr. King’s call to pray together, work together and go to jail together by Trey Lyon

When it comes to the prophets, we tend to remember the beautiful images–justice rolling down like waters, dreams of children holding hands–righteousness like flowing streams, tables of brother and sisterhood. But that wasn’t the prophets whole message, whether they hail from Tekoa or Sweet Auburn.

Naming Our Nation’s Idols by Doyle Sager

Perhaps we can all channel the spirits of St. Paul and Martin Luther King, Jr. We can begin by asking tough questions. Who in our community is profiting from unacceptable housing? Who is making money off of so-called payday loans? (the average interest on such loans in Missouri is over 400%)? Who is financially advantaged by war? Who is spending big money to make sure that the present arrangement remains in place — an arrangement which keeps minorities and the poor “in their place”?

As you read, join us as we pray for renewed hope — hope for understanding, justice and reconciliation — hope for a future where we are truly living out the dream of Beloved Community — hope for less violence and more dialogue — hope that we can be a united people of God doing Kingdom work together.

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