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CBF Ministries Council is awarding grants for 2017-18

By Thomas Quisenberry

In June 2016, the Ministries Council of CBF awarded six Ministries Council Grants. These grants, totaling $25,000, were awarded from funds provided in the Operating Budget for the 2016 financial year. The recipients included: a garden project to feed refugees; a positive reinforcement system for a multi-racial community; a summer reading program; an infant formula program; a house renovation to be used as a temporary residence for incoming refugees; and a community food pantry.

The Ministries Council is pleased to announce that we are looking to award new grants in 2017.

The $25,000 total will be divided among applicants who share with us how their church is building bridges within their walls or their community and the impact they expect on the community and individuals being served. The Council will invite grant applications that are “Guided” or “General”.

“Guided Grants” are those that focus on an issue selected by the Ministries Council.  This year, our focus is on criminal justice system ministries and developing lay leadership.  The Ministries Council hopes that some of the grant allotments will be sent to churches who are actively at work within their communities addressing this growing issue.  The Ministries Council knows that our work and our hearts are varied. In your town and within your church walls, you are at work addressing a need or healing wounds in Christ’s name. We consider these “General Grants” and we want to help support those efforts.

Tell us what you are doing, why these funds would help, and help expand our knowledge of what is taking place across the Fellowship!  We are especially interested in resources that can be developed, shared, and replicated across the Fellowship.

The grant application is avaialble online at

Applications are due by March 15, 2017. We plan to notify the award recipients by May 1, 2017 so they can make plans to be in Atlanta for the General Assembly.

Once the recipients are announced, the groups or individuals will be asked to work with CBF to share their work through blog posts on the CBF website, hosting a breakout session at General Assembly, or any number of other creative ways to share how Christ is at work. We hope that these funds will not only bless your ministry, but by sharing with us what you are doing in Christ’s name, we can help that blessing grow by sharing the continued Good News with others.

We look forward to reading your requests and learning how Christ is working in your area!

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