Serving refugees in Turkey

By Anonymous CBF field personnel in Turkey

“There are men with machines guns on the rooftops of every street in Aleppo pointed at us as we walk by. The police on the streets take our phones and even our watches” explains one refugee woman. “We could not stay any longer”

ayseThey came to Turkey to get away from the war. This country, Turkey, has opened its borders to refugees escaping war, and accepted 300,000 in our city alone. There is no work for the men, and language difficulties arise because they don’t speak Turkish. Imagine going to the doctor when you are ill and cannot communicate, not being able to answer even so simple a question as “how old are you?” You can’t explain where it hurts.

Meet Ayşe whose husband was abducted off the streets of Aleppo 5 years ago. She has two small boys and no husband to support her. The dire situations the refugees are escaping are hard to hear about. Ayşe stayed after her husband disappeared, for three years, without electricity most of the time, and very little food.

ornamentsDuring the Turkish language classes offered by Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel, she shared that she is a tailor by trade. With gifts from churches, a sewing machine was purchased to help her support her children. Ayşe and other refugee ladies now make Christmas ornaments.

Gifts to CBF have helped with food for refugees, and now are helping them provide for their families. They know that Christians are helping them and thank God for this help.

If you are interested in helping by purchasing some of these ornaments please contact Lori Irons-Crenshaw, CBF GLobal Missions Personnel Selection Manager at

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