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Skeen announces June 2018 retirement from CBF Church Benefits


April 5, 2017

By Jeff Huett


Gary Skeen

DECATUR, Ga. — CBF Church Benefits announced today that Gary Skeen, the founding president of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s financial ministry that offers Fortune 500-quality benefits to thousands of ministry professionals, will retire in June 2018.

Skeen has led Church Benefits for the past 17 years and has a long history with CBF spanning three decades. From 1994 to 2000, Skeen served as CBF’s chief financial officer until being selected to lead Church Benefits, then called the Church Benefits Board. As chief financial officer, Skeen handled all aspects of CBF’s finance department including accounting, contribution and expense processing and budget development.

In January, the CBF Church Benefits Board of Directors, led by Jim Hunter, entered into a succession planning process that includes developing a position profile and selecting a professional search firm to assist in finding Skeen’s replacement.

Hunter expressed appreciation for Skeen’s service and assured a seamless transition process that will likely lead to a replacement being named in spring 2018.

“We are indebted to Gary Skeen for his years of relationship-building and visionary leadership,” Hunter said. “Gary has set an incredible foundation from which CBF Church Benefits is now poised to grow its mission to help provide financial security for those who serve Christ throughout our denominetwork.”

CBF Executive Coordinator Suzii Paynter said Skeen and Church Benefits have played an important role in the Fellowship’s ministry alongside churches.

“Gary has provided solid leadership for CBF Church Benefits and has served Cooperative Baptists and CBF partner churches well,” Paynter said. “In this complex benefits marketplace we see today, I am grateful to God for the expertise of Gary and the staff at CBF Church Benefits.”

For his part, Skeen expressed appreciation for participants of Church Benefits and those who have made his years in CBF life so rewarding.

“I am extremely proud of what we have done every day at Church Benefits to earn our participants’ trust,” Skeen said. “While I know that I will miss working alongside CBF and Church Benefits staff on a daily basis, I am blessed to know that I will remain part of the CBF family and part of an active CBF partner church.”

CBF Church Benefits manages the retirement plans and other benefits for CBF staff, field personnel and churches nationwide, providing a complete set of employee benefit services for ministers and church staff at the local level — from retirement planning services and investment choices, to life and disability coverage, as well as access to experts in health and medical coverage with whom churches may consult.

Assets under management have surpassed the $60 million mark in investments.  In consultation with Retirement Wealth Management, CBF Church Benefit’s investment advisor, Church Benefits is able to deliver best in class institutional investments and investment service levels equal to or better than many larger plans.

For more information on CBF Church Benefits, contact Victoria Whatley at or 770-220-1600. Contact Jim Hunter at for questions or comments related to the Church Benefits president search process.

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CBF is a Christian network that helps people put their faith to practice through ministry efforts, global missions and a broad community of support. The Fellowship’s mission is to serve Christians and churches as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission.

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