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For The Joy Set Before Us: An Introduction

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s new funding plan is in full swing. Received with a standing ovation by the 2016 CBF General Assembly, the vital funding portion of For The Joy Set Before Us, CBF’s new strategic vision for Global Missions is set to be fully implemented by October 1, 2017.

This brief and exciting video from CBF captures the essence of the new funding plan.

Twenty-five years after the establishment of CBF, our context has changed considerably. The cultural complexity of our own communities, the shift from congregational sponsorship of mission to direct participation in it, and the emergence of a global church that actively sends its own missionaries require us to reimagine our role in missions in the 21st century. One of our responsibilities in this new context was to establish a sustainable funding model to support our common work around the globe.

In this new plan, the Offering for Global Missions remains the primary funding engine that provides for the Mission Presence of field personnel. Additionally, all field personnel will raise their individual Mission Programming budgets principally from friends and family.

  • Mission Presence secures the long-term presence of field personnel on the field through salary, retirement, insurance, housing and child education support through CBF’s Offering for Global Missions.
  • Mission Programming includes the daily ministry expenses of field personnel such as curriculum, travel and event costs, as well as funding for what has been termed “projects” in the past.

We hope churches and individuals will share the For the Joy Video with groups, on social media and in electronic newsletters.  We want everyone to get the chance to understand and respond to God’s call to missions with CBF over the next twenty-five years.

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