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Introducing our New Church Starters: Clint Akins

CBF is a supportive home for those discerning and living out a call to church starting. Within CBF Church Starts, one finds a creative space for visioning, contextualization, coaching and training. CBF covenants with new churches to provide three years of professional coaching, site visits for leadership development, spiritual renewal retreats, financial grants and the development of partnerships. Church starts bless the Fellowship by modeling innovative practices for ministry.

This year’s commissioned church starters bring several “firsts.” Virginia, Kentucky and CBF West will commission their first church starters, and the Fellowship will partner with its first church created out of the need for community among immigrants and refugees resettling in the United States.

In the coming days, we will be introducing our six new CBF church starters and the five churches they lead. 

Clint Akins | Seeker Fellowship
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Clint Akins - Copy

Clint Akins

Clint Akins is pastor of a new church start in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. After serving through church planting movements and providing leadership training in Madagascar, Akins served as pastor of Bluewater Community Church in Niceville, Fla. In early October 2016, the church start’s core group gathered for the first time at Clint and Yolande Akins’ home.

The group continues to seek God’s vision for contextual ministry and missions in the Florida panhandle. Their desire is to bond with the wounded and stranded in a post-church culture, as well as live honestly to the way of Jesus found in the Gospels.


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