Assembly 2017 / Church Starters 2017

Introducing our New Church Starters: Henrietta Anderson

CBF is a supportive home for those discerning and living out a call to church starting. Within CBF Church Starts, one finds a creative space for visioning, contextualization, coaching and training. CBF covenants with new churches to provide three years of professional coaching, site visits for leadership development, spiritual renewal retreats, financial grants and the development of partnerships. Church starts bless the Fellowship by modeling innovative practices for ministry.

This year’s commissioned church starters bring several “firsts.” Virginia, Kentucky and CBF West will commission their first church starters, and the Fellowship will partner with its first church created out of the need for community among immigrants and refugees resettling in the United States.

In the coming days, we will be introducing our six new CBF church starters and the five churches they lead. 

Henrietta Anderson | Faith Ministries Church
Henrico County, Virginia

henrietta anderson - Copy

Henrietta Anderson

Henrietta Anderson served as an associate minister at Quioccasin Baptist Church in Henrico County, Va., for over 10 years. While there, she established the Young Adult Ministry and became the teacher of the Disciples Ministry class. In 2010, she felt God calling her to “preach to the nations,” leading her to start the Faith Ministries congregation as a place where all of God’s children are welcome.

She sees her calling as one to provide those who are wandering with biblical guidance, leading to sustainability. Anderson’s focus is on those from all walks of life as she uses a variety of resources to provide hope, knowledge and spiritual discipleship.

Anderson feels the road to starting Faith Ministries has been a true spiritual blessing and awakening. She has leaned upon John 14:15 which says, “If you love me, you will obey what I have commanded.” Her task has been one of walking by faith to do the work of the Lord, providing a place and peace of mind for those who seek a new life and who know that there is something else – even when they are unable to define it. She exercises her God-given talents to help others see who God is and to draw closer to God.

One thought on “Introducing our New Church Starters: Henrietta Anderson

  1. Congratulations, Rev. Anderson. May your ministry provide solace, guidance and direction to those that you touch. I pray God’s blessings on you as you seek to do His will.
    Dr. Earl L. Bledsoe, Pastor Emeritus, Great Hope Baptist Church.

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