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Awe and wonder

By Sam Harrell

Awe and wonder. Spiritual teachers suggest this might be the most authentic and appropriate response to an encounter with the beauty and complexity of God’s creation.  These were in abundant supply as participants in the recent Kutana Kenya initiative experienced the rare beauty of diverse eco-systems during a two-week immersion experience in Kenya geared toward creation care and environmental stewardship.

Seminary students, pastors, laypersons and CBF staff engaged four distinct ecosystems as well as related community development projects associated with local mission partner Africa Exchange among several others.

The purpose of the experience was mutual encounter that results in change. Change in the attitudes of participants towards the created order and a commitment to be agents of transformation in a world where environmental health is increasingly under threat. If we truly believe that God is the Lord of all creation, one cannot undergo an experience such as we had without being changed. The lion, the lilac breasted roller, apis mellifera (honey bee) and the acacia tree, all proudly take their place in an interdependent ecosystem that, to an attentive listener, virtually scream how wide and deep is the love of God for us. All of us. Awesome! Wonderful!

In the coming days, you’ll see testimony from participants of Kutana Kenya here on the CBFblog.

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