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Prayer for a new school year

By Daniel Potter

As we journey into the new school year, Great God of Wisdom, we celebrate the blessing bestowed upon us through education. We know that not all of your children receive a quality education. Enliven us through this privilege to better embody your love to this world. Transform us this year as we study or work into who you designed us to be. Renew our dedication to growing in knowledge of You, ourselves, and of one another. On the eve of a new academic calendar, hear our prayer.

All Knowing God, we pray:
For students, whose hungry minds will ingest knowledge, friendship, and belonging.
For students, whose hungry bellies might detract from their daily presence.
For students, whose excitement for newness bubbles forth.
For students, whose anxieties drown their opportunities to connect.
Lord, hear our prayer.

Abba, we pray:
For parents, whose courage empowers their children to flourish as individuals.
For parents, whose worries mount in the moments they are separated from their children.
For parents, whose story leaves space to be involved in their child’s education.
For parents, whose chapter in life prevents their presence.
Lord, hear our prayer.

Our Great Teacher, we pray:
For teachers, whose love and acceptance will urge children onward in their studies.
For teachers, whose circumstances at work or at home prevent their full care.
For teachers, whose vocational calling is just sprouting.
For teachers, whose career is nearing its final harvest.
Lord, hear our prayer.

Great Provider, we pray:
For staff, whose efforts to feed, clean, or fix enable a school’s function.
For staff, whose labors go unnoticed and underappreciated.
For staff, whose hands will bandage hurt knees or offer blessings in dark places.
For staff, whose hearts help tirelessly carry children’s burdens and baggage.
Lord, hear our prayer.

Our Source of Order, we pray:
For administrators, whose discernment protects those entrusted to their care.
For administrators, whose decisions lead to criticism and ire.
For administrators, whose leadership creates joy and abundance.
For administrators, whose actions are driven by fear, doubt, or scarcity.
Lord, hear our prayer.

Fill our schools with your hope and love, O God, so that they might be places that spring forth your justice and peace in the years to come. Spur us into action in the knowledge that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Awaken us this year to the dawn of a new age in which all are cared for by your love and grace. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

Daniel Potter currently serves First Baptist Church of Columbus, Ga., as the Minister of Students. He is a past recipient of the Daniel and Earlene Vestal Scholarship and a member of the 2016-2018 CBF Fellows cohort.

One thought on “Prayer for a new school year

  1. Love this prayer! Thank you for praying for the students, teachers, staff and administrators! What a blessing!

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