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10 reasons why CBF Church Benefits is right for you and your church

By CBF Church Benefits Communications

A growing number of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship churches are finding out that partnering with the Fellowship has an added benefit to their church and church staff members.  Those individuals and churches searching for a trusted partner for insurance and retirement benefits options have found that CBF Church Benefits fits just right.

Take a look at the reasons why CBF Church Benefits is right for you and your church, and join the thousands of ministry professionals receiving these Fortune 500-quality benefits.

  1. Church Benefits Performs

    CBF’s retirement investment options, as well as their returns, are equal to or better than other alternative Baptist options measured in multiple ways. This is the direct result of consulting and networking with CBF Church Benefit’s fiduciary-bound investment advisor, Retirement Wealth Management. 
  2. Choices, Choices 

    All participants receive access to top-tier U.S. and International funds and returns.

  3. (And More Choices) 

    Within the year, there will be additional blended investment options through one of the premier investment companies in the United States, added to CBF Church Benefits array of investment options.

  4. You’re “Empower”ed 

    Empower, the nation’s second largest retirement plan service provider, has networked with CBF Church Benefits. It provides cutting edge web-based educational tools and transaction capabilities.

  5. Service, Please!

    Through Empower’s website you have access to your retirement account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Its dedicated church plan call center, with well-trained service personnel and state of the art resources, provide superior individual service.
  6. Ministry to Ministers 

    Life and disability plans constructed specifically for ministers and church related employees are available. In addition, there are a host of resources available through Church Benefits, for example, IRS and tax resources for ministers, information related to ministerial compensation, and budgeting and financial literacy resources.

  7. You + The Fellowship = StrengthCBF Church Benefits is focused on you as a Cooperative Baptist,. Your invested retirement account joins those of other CBF ministers and lay employees totaling more than $60 million. We are forming together as individuals, churches and ministries.
  8. Can you hear me? 

    You have access to CBF Benefits Board of Trustees. Board members are highly qualified professionals and participate in CBF churches. Elected at CBF’s General Assembly, they know and understand your interests and the Fellowship.

  9. Sharing means caring 

    CBF Benefits is a member of two ecumenical organizations of more than 50 members — the Church Benefits Association and Church Alliance. These organizations share collective benefits knowledge, best practices and work to impact the legal and regulatory structures of church plans.

  10. Relationship that lasts 

    We know that you want a relationship you can trust for the length of your ministry career. You, CBF and Church Benefits are strengthened by our common networking capabilities. 

To learn more about how CBF Church Benefits can partner with you, visit the website at or contact Church Benefits president Gary Skeen at or 770-220-1621. 

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