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A Prayer After Hurricane Harvey

By Matt Sciba

Creator God,

God of the heavens and the Earth;

God of the land and the seas;

To the One who brought all things into being and sustains all that is created:

We need your presence.

The wind has roared. The seas rose. And we were in the path.

Huddled together with our loved ones we waited for the storm to pass… watched in awe as the force of the storm pressed hard.

When the sun came out and the clouds parted our world was ripped apart. Debris was scattered. Things we hold dear were destroyed. Even now, as “normal” life asserts itself we strive to put things back together. The sun comes up each day. We go about our business. But we encounter reminders that there is still much to be done. The collapsed building. The pile of rubble. The fractured budget.

We are not the same. So many of the things we value are broken or gone. But also, so much of what we yearn for has been given: Dependence on you. Fellowship with neighbor. Priorities being reestablished. These are the fruits that grow from the debris.

Father God, we need your provision. We feel your presence. We relinquish our grasping for control and we give ourselves into communion.

We take and eat of your goodness—the goodness that comes in ways that are mysterious, the goodness that comes from a generous sister or brother. For we need both mysterious grace and people of action in this difficult time.

You are the source of all goodness. And we thank you.

Matt Sciba, CBF’s Coastal Church Recovery Consultant, is a Texas Baptist pastor who weathered Hurricane Harvey with his family in Victoria, Texas.

One thought on “A Prayer After Hurricane Harvey

  1. Thanks Matt for your modern day psalm of lament and praise in the face of the mighty power of nature on our human condition. Your perspective of one who rode out the Hurricane Harvey is enlightening. Knowing also you assisted in Indonesia after the great Asian earthquake and tsunami of 2004, your perspective of death and destruction is deep and your reminder of renewal and new life is refreshing.

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