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CBF Ministries Council wants to give you money!

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Ministries Council invites you to submit a proposal for funding a project to support the efforts of your church in building bridges within your church or your community. The Ministries Council accepts proposals that address criminal justice system ministries, lay leadership development, and proposals that address any other issues your church and community are facing.

This year, the Ministries Council is choosing to focus on funding proposals that support work in two targeted areas: Advocacy (with projects related to racial justice or refugee community ministry) and then general ministry grants with an eye towards tradition innovation (doing church in new ways today), although this general category is big enough to embrace any project related to the church.

Tell us what you are doing, why these funds would help, and help expand our knowledge of what is taking place across the Fellowship! We are especially interested in resources that can be developed, shared, and replicated across the Fellowship.

The deadline for submitting proposals is March 1, 2018. The projected date for awarding the grants is April 30, 2018, in time to make plans to attend General Assembly in Dallas, Texas.

You can submit your proposal online at Correspondence pertaining to this proposal should be directed to Griff Martin. If you have any questions, please contact

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