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Kutana Kenya 2018

CBF’s creation stewardship immersion experience in Kenya will be taking place again this summer!

Young Baptists are invited to participate in this 17-day mission immersion experience in a cross-cultural setting in one of the most ecologically diverse environments on earth.

From May 20 to June 7, participants will encounter and engage people, places and Global Missions initiatives in the context of a growing nation grappling with multiple social and environmental challenges across five distinct ecosystems.

The cost is $3,500 per person (includes airfare, local travel, lodging and meals). Student.Go scholarships of $1,500 are available for students. Applications are due by February 15. Contact Sam Harrell at for more information regarding registration, itinerary and curricula.

5 Inspiring Lessons from 2017 Participants:

  1. “God calls me to actively fight against injustice, elevate the voices of, and fight for the oppressed — God’s people and God’s Earth. Mother Nature needs a voice listening to, crying with, and yelling out for her, because who else will? God has provided us the most beautiful, awe-filled home, and it’s past time we protect it. How beautiful though, that when we do, we are living out our calling, simply by being.” – Summer Hyche Harrell 
  2. “God is the One who formed you and I from the dust of this holy ground and the One gifts us with holy responsibility. Won’t you join me in protecting what God has deemed good and sacred? Won’t you join me as we repent together of our apathy and carelessness for the resources that give us breath and life each day? May the transformation and renewal of the earth begin with us.” – Michelle Ballard 
  3. “God created this world with love and potential, and the realization of that potential is up to us. It often seems like we live our lives with our eyes closed. The power of our time in Kenya was that our eyes were forced wide open. As our eyes were opened, we fell in love. And as we fell in love, that love brought conviction, passion, possibility and potential.” – Carter Harrell
  4. “Understanding the environmental issues facing us helped explain certain social phenomena. Understanding the complexities of social issues clarified the causes of certain environmental problems. We must step back and view our world more holistically, in a way that acknowledges and works with the inter-relatedness of the people we claim God so dearly loves and God’s creation we are so quick to forget.” – Marianna Hilldrup 
  5. “Our experiences left me with the realization that most Kenyans are completely aware of their dependence upon the earth. Their lives are inextricably connected to the land, to animal and plant life, to water sources, to the sun. Today’s generation of Americans are far removed from these realities, so much so that we even have trouble understanding or relating to the natural world in which Jesus lived and taught. That is the way it all began. All of creation was connected and dependent. Nothing was hidden, everything named and known. Life flourished.” – Devita Parnell

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