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From complacency to urgency

By Carrol Wilson

For months after Sandy Hook I never had the courage to look at pictures of the victims. I knew that when I saw the pictures of those precious children I would face inconsolable grief. However, when innocently watching an episode of 60 Minutes which featured one family’s story of losing their beloved child, those emotions were no longer held at bay. As a mother and grandmother, I empathized with the parents’ story and their pain. I cried for many hours after the show for the senseless loss of the precious little ones.

At the same time, even though I could not bear to connect with the pictures, I supported then President Obama’s pleas and pushes for greater gun control. I wrote to my congress person over my concerns of gun violence and control. I signed petitions, as well as protested against the NRA and their lobbying groups.

Five years later, we wake to another group of beloved children dead because of senseless gun violence. I am sick and tired of waking up to these devastating reports.

The United States is a nation purportedly founded on Christian principles. One of which is the sanctity of life. On any given day, at the mention of the hot topic of abortion, one can find protests all over the country against “baby killers.” Yet, where is the outrage over the guns and gun owners who willfully kill children in school and other crowded arenas?

The dead were still a baby to someone. Where is the collective outrage over these deaths?

I submit that as member of the “beloved community” of Christ that we have all been responsible in their deaths. We have become complacent with the status quo because the shootings affect other parents living in other communities.

We are also indictable for not pushing for stronger policies and laws associated with guns. We cannot continue to place the blame solely on the NRA or their lobbyists. It is time for us to join together and figure out a way to stop the deaths. If not, we will still continue to wake to these distressing stories. We will continue to carry their blood on our hands.

As we hold the community of Parkland Florida in our prayers, we pray that complacency falls away and is replaced with urgency to move toward a better way.

Carrol Wilson serves as the CBF Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling Assistant. 

2 thoughts on “From complacency to urgency

  1. This is about, ” From Complacency to Urgency” by Carrol Wilson.
    Yes the word Complacency is the key word! But why through your words on Gun Control which has nothing to do with complacency, of the people to teach Love, Peace & etc ..
    Now to talk about Guns & weapons. When you take Guns away from people ” all Guns”
    the powers to be will take over with “all power” any time they want to. Look at the massive killings in North Korea, Iran & etc. Please keep politics out of CBF,

  2. “I submit that as member of the ‘beloved community’ of Christ that we have all been responsible in their deaths.”

    I submit we all have NOT “been responsible in their deaths. I am not responsible for the sinful behaviors of others — just my own. When I kill children at a public school, I’ll be responsible for their deaths, but not until then. What’s with you do-gooders?

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