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Prayer Associates: Requests for prayer from CBF field personnel

The following prayer requests are from Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel who are bearing witness to Christ around the world. You can find requests like these each month with CBF Prayer Associates, giving you a window into the every day lives of field personnel, their families and their ministries.

You can find the monthly Prayer Associates at, or linked in our weekly newsletter.

Please pray for the Iglesia Bautista de Cerdanyola which is seeking a new pastor after their pastor of 15 years, Daniel Banyuls, assumed the role of General Secretary for the Baptists of Spain. – Matt and Michelle Norman, Barcelona, Spain

Please pray for the Urban Farm Leaders as they prepare for the planting season and all of the good, hard work that accompanies that season. Continue to pray for those who are hungry in the neighborhoods of this community. – Jessica Hearne, Danville, Va.

Pray for Brittany and Casey as they continue to find their place in China and partner with the leadership of the new church. – Brittany and Casey Ramirez, Chengdu, China

Pray for volunteers to join the Greens in outreach efforts in the city of Houston to raise awareness about human trafficking. Pray for safety and awareness events that are organized for different areas of the city that were seriously affected by Hurricane Harvey. – Butch and Nell Green, Houston, Texas

Please pray with Kim and Marc for the teachers and volunteers who will join them this spring in a new community English as a Second Language outreach. Welcome House Community Outreach is made possible by renting apartments in underserved communities. The ministry provides space for ESL, Preschool Readiness and After-School Homework Clubs for refugee and immigrant families. Your prayers and help are needed. – Kim and Marc Wyatt, Research Triangle, N.C.

Please pray for French and Bulgarian authorities to make strides in breaking up the human trafficking rings in Strasbourg. – Joel and Tiffne Whitley, Strasbourg, France

Please pray for two Easter egg hunts that will take place in two multi-cultural neighborhoods. Lita and Rick hope to have hundreds of internationals attend. – Lita and Rick Sample, San Francisco Bay Area, Calif.

Pray for the women in the Living Well group that began in February. These women are bravely walking with each other, sharing their stories in order to heal from traumas of domestic violence and homelessness and to find strength from moments of courage and truth. Pray for their supportive relationships with each other and for the holy act of imagining new possibilities for their lives. – Lesley-Ann Hix Tommey, New York City, N.Y.

Pray for those who are being deported into dangerous situations. Ask for God to protect them from harm and from illness. – Greg and Sue Smith, Fredericksburg, Va.

Please pray for Kirk, as he will be making several trips to remote areas of a neighboring
country throughout the spring — spending 2-3 weeks each month on the road, dealing with some complex linguistic and political situations to help disadvantaged ethnic minority children (many from believing families) have a better chance for quality education. Also, pray that the ministers can finish final edits to the B language audio New Testament before Easter! – Kirk and Suzie, Thailand

Read all of the prayer requests for March 2018 here.

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