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Hand Me Downs

By Kim Wyatt 

I teach English as a Second Language in several Raleigh area apartment communities. The groups were formed to help refugee moms who are unable to attend classes at the refugee agencies or community college because they are caring for young children. Every class is filled with excitement as a dozen or so moms with toddlers and babies gather in a neighbor’s home for a couple hours twice a week. You just never know what is going to happen but somehow someway the women are actually learning this new and difficult language while their children are into everything. It’s a miracle really.

This week during a class that meets in the home of a young Afghan mother she surprised everyone by preparing a wonderful meal for her classmate guests. It was the first time of attending the group for another refugee mother. She had arrived a couple of weeks earlier with her family of 9. Yes, nine family members children ranging in age from 18 months to 19 years old. Her family is guests of Welcome House, our ministry of temporary housing for families awaiting long term housing.

Our hostess has two active handsome boys and one on the way. One of her sons is about the same age as our Welcome House mom’s youngest. As our hostess brought the yummy food and placed it on a large platter on the floor between us she also brought out several bags of neatly folded toddler clothes. She wanted to share with her new friend, our Welcome House mom.

It was so precious to see our friend being welcomed by the other moms. They too have traveled the refugee highway; the same road that brought them to our North Carolina city. The circle of friends felt very complete that day. Grace upon grace as we learn, are included, make new friends, share what we have and find home again.

Thanks be to God! He is so good – all the time!

Kim Wyatt serves as a CBF field personnel alongside her husband, Marc, in the Research Triangle of North Carolina. Learn more about their ministry at

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