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Getting Testy — Celebrating with Together for Hope-Louisiana

The following comes from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Louisiana and highlights just some of the work of Together for Hope, CBF’s rural development coalition. 

In areas of rural poverty, it can be the little things that become major obstacles. Lack of access to resources due to the remoteness and isolation of your location is a major difference between urban poverty and rural poverty.

As Marc Boswell, our Together for Hope-Louisaina Director began working with GED/HiSet students, he discovered limited testing opportunities for students at sites 45 minutes to and 1.5 hour drive away. That was an obstacle virtually insurmountable for his students— many of whom walk to his classes.

He took it upon himself to provide transportation for multiple trips with support of donors. As a result, for the first time in years, students from Lake Providence began passing the GED test.

When you walk alongside others in rural communities, you learn about their strengths and assets but also the roadblocks.

Marc began to advocate for his students.

The Lake Providence community college has an infrequently used computer lab. Could this be used as a testing site? He asked, probed, even pushed a little bit—like advocates do.

Breakthrough! In June, the Louisiana Delta Community College in Lake Providence becomes a GED/HiSet testing site. What might seem to be a little thing becomes something big. Obstacle removed, opportunities enhanced.

More “little things” are ahead. “Bags of Hope” will happen in July. A 5k run and festival to improve downtown will happen in October. Efforts to grow a Fuller Center for Housing in Lake Providence continue to inch forward.

Opportunities are before us to be the hands and feet of one who, come to think of it, once told us a story about being faithful in little things.

Recent HiSet/GED Grads



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