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CBF Foundation Promotes Long-standing Partnership with HighGround Advisors


October 1, 2018

Decatur, GA — Gary Skeen, the newly appointed Interim President of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Foundation and the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, have begun implementing initiatives to bring additional value to the CBF Foundation’s churches and ministries.

CBF Foundation offers account administration, investment and fund management and planned giving services through its long-standing partnership with HighGround Advisors. Until now, HighGround has been a critical but somewhat behind-the-scenes partner in managing and growing the assets of the Foundation’s churches and their donors.

Moving forward, Skeen plans to elevate HighGround’s role to work directly with the churches and donors the Foundation serves. “Leveraging all of HighGround’s services will strengthen our relationship management and provide efficiencies to our clients,” said Gary Skeen, Interim President of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Foundation. “HighGround has been an excellent partner. They understand our mission and vision. We are excited about what the future holds for the Foundation and this opportunity to continue to work with HighGround.”

In the upcoming weeks, CBF Foundation clients will receive communications from HighGround Advisors with further explanation on the changes taking place. The majority of changes will come in the form of streamlined communications regarding account statements and investment performance. For example, HighGround provides an online account access system that will allow Foundation clients to capture account information anytime, anywhere. Easy statement retrieval, account overviews, historical transaction activity, graphical presentations of asset allocations and the Quarterly Investment Review are just a few of the options that will be available to Foundation clients and their donors. Additionally, an inbox has been developed that will be monitored by CBF Foundation and HighGround’s account administration team to expedite account inquiry response times:

About CBF Foundation

The CBF Foundation offers account administration, investment and fund management and planned giving services through their partnership with HighGround Advisors. This includes a full range of investment options specifically designed for churches or ministry organizations. For churches, the Foundation provides endowment fund promotion services to churches and fellowship ministry partners. For individuals, the Foundation offers a way to express generosity and a desire to provide for the future of Fellowship missions and ministries. For more information on the CBF Foundation, contact Ryan Berlin, Foundation Vice President, at or (770) 220-1663.

About HighGround Advisors

Founded in 1930, HighGround Advisors is a nonprofit investment and trust services company with almost $2 billion in assets. A first-class financial management organization specializing in the nonprofit sector, HighGround Advisors offers a diverse array of services and expertise in areas such as investment management, gift planning and account administration, all designed to protect, strengthen and grow the assets of their nonprofit institutions and charitably minded individuals. For more information about HighGround Advisors, please visit



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