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Payday Reform Action Alert

CBF Advocacy continues to work for reform of payday and auto title lending practices. Under new leadership the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is working to undo strong national regulations before they can even take effect. From now until May 15, the public is encouraged to make a comment about their proposed changes. To do so you may go to, or print this PDF comment card and mail it to the CBF offices (Attn: John Mark Boes, 160 Clairemont Ave, Suite 500, Decatur, GA 30030) post marked by May 6 so that we may send them to the CFPB to arrive by May 15.

We need people of faith to speak out! Make a comment expressing your conviction that usury and exploiting the most financially vulnerable among us is wrong. If you have a personal story as a borrower or a friend or family member of a borrower, please include those details. The link above also contains suggested talking points to consider including in your comment.

  • For more context for this action from the CFPB see the short summary located here
  • For basic information about how payday and auto title lending works and why people of faith are concerned click here.
  • For more info about why CBF Advocacy has emphasized this reform effort and some basic FAQs about payday and auto title lending click
  • For more information on the work of the CFPB click here.
  • For information about Faith For Just Lending, the broad national coalition CBF helped to establish click here.
  • For stories about how our field personnel and churches are working directly with borrowers to help those victimized by predatory lending click here, here & here.
  • For an update about a recent meeting with CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger click here and for our initial reaction to the repeal proposal click here.
  • Finally, for a recent story on how the predatory lending industry manipulates academic research that influences policymakers, click here.

Comment now, and encourage your communities of faith to do the same!

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