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Help comes from the Lord

By CBF field personnel in the Middle East 

It was cold and blustery the day we took a heater to the refugee’s home. Their home was built for the hot weather, and so is made of stone on the floors and the walls are made of cement.

As we opened the door, we found their daughter collapsed onto the floor. She has cerebral palsy, and she had fallen while they were gone. Unable to get up, she was shivering. The floor was quite cold and so was she when we were able to raise her up onto a couch. She is 18 years old, and just finding the medications for her condition in this country where they have taken refuge has proven difficult.

The current economic situation in this country is hard in regard to medicines, because the buying power of the local currency is now less than 1/3 of its previous value. The result is that medicines coming from outside the country (and most are) are unobtainable at present. Pray for her as her parents work menial jobs with bad hours to provide for their family in this foreign country.

This is the first Christian refugee family we have met who have come to our country. They are very thankful for clothing, furniture and food which we have helped them obtain. Their life is very difficult, but they still hold onto their faith and know that help comes from the Lord.

CBF field personnel serve in the Middle East where they plant churches, lead Bible studies, disciple new believers, focus on education and leadership development in local congregations as well as facilitate a variety of vital programs and ministries to children, women and migrants. While we cannot share their names and locations due to security concerns, you can learn more about and support their work at

Long-term CBF presence in the Middle East is made possible by the CBF Offering for Global Missions. Join God’s mission in the world. Give to the Offering for Global Missions. 100 percent of your church’s gifts will be used to send CBF field personnel to share the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world. Go to and order your free OGM resources today.

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