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Where is Jesus leading you?

From the church’s earliest days to the present, cooperation has been central to the church’s flourishing: we can do more together than we can do apart!

That claim sounds radical in our competitive and increasingly isolationist culture, but it should come as no surprise to a people called to bear witness to the God of all nations. We are created for community. Even the God we worship exists as a community of three persons united in love and mission. So, CBF Global Missions creates opportunities for collaboration where diverse groups of Christians and churches can unite with communities around the world to experience together the good news of God’s kingdom come “on earth as it is heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

Sure, most of us pray for it, as Jesus taught us—but you also can experience it.

CBF believes the Holy Spirit has gifted you and your congregation in unique ways to participate in God’s mission: short-term or long-term, domestic or international, rural or urban, Disaster Response or evangelism, students or seniors. The options are endless. Pray about them. Give to support them.

And ask yourself: Where is Jesus leading you?

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