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ChurchWorks is What You Need


On March 1-4 at Central Baptist Church Fountain City in Knoxville, Tn., ChurchWorks 2020 will center on how clergy can most effectively focus on their own wellbeing. ChurchWorks will be a time to think about caring for yourself in different ways; space for you to come and take a break from the day-to-day work, to network, to connect, to relax and to be renewed in your work as a minister.

The following is a reflection from Jim Cobban (Pastor of FBC Middletown, Ky., and a member of the CBF Ministries Council) regarding his first experience at ChurchWorks in 2019 alongside his ministerial staff. 

The ministers of children, youth, and I attended ChurchWorks 2019 in St. Louis as part of our annual staff development. Before the conference, I was especially interested in them connecting with the network for their ministry area. In CBF life, our greatest resource is fellow CBF churches, and I wanted Susan and Bobby to get to know other staff ministers in person. That goal was certainly accomplished.

But we received even more than I expected!

First, the chance to get away together was invaluable. Although our relationships were already strong, spending a couple of days away from the office and ministry responsibilities gave us the chance to connect in new ways. And, just as I hoped, they came home connected with email addresses and Facebook pages with their counterparts across the country.

Second, the outstanding conference speakers gave us a framework for conversations about our church and their work. We spent the five hours back to Louisville brainstorming “what-if” scenarios sparked by the presentations. We spoke a common dream language that has had benefits for us beyond the days in St. Louis.

Third, I was able to expose Susan and Bobby to the broader CBF world. Many members of the Decatur staff I know were present. Introducing two of our staff ministers to the CBF staff gave a personal connection and a greater understanding of the global work of CBF.

And fourth, I didn’t expect to connect with a fellowship of pastors.   didn’t realize how much I needed to sit in a room with other CBF pastors. It was just the prescription I needed.

This was my first ChurchWorks conference. I had been saying rather loudly—and wrongly—that CBF needed to offer something for vocational ministers. I didn’t know they already do! So, let me say it just as loudly: CHURCHWORKS IS WHAT YOU NEED IN YOUR MINISTRY LIFE!

Jim Cobban is the pastor of First Baptist Church Middletown in Metro Louisville, Ky. For more information and to register, visit



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