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Earlier this month the peer learning group regional directors (Steve Graham, Layne Smith, Fran Patterson, and Laura Stephens-Reed) met with CBF staff Ruth Perkins Lee and Dihanne Moore to discuss how best to support and encourage our PLGs. Here is what groups and conveners can expect in the coming months:

A beefed-up resource list. We brainstormed books, movies, podcasts, and more that could be fodder for conversation in PLGs. Look for an annotated bibliography on the CBF website soon, and please send along the names of resources you would suggest to other groups.

A PLG reception at General Assembly. On the Friday afternoon of General Assembly, there will be a reception with food, fellowship, and convener swag from 4:00-5:00. Drop in as you make the rounds to other receptions or come and stay a while. This event will be open to current and potential PLG conveners.

A bigger spotlight on CBF ministries. There are lots of initiatives that CBF offers that few people know about. Starting this month the PLG newsletter will start highlighting one of these gems each month. (See below for information on La Familia.) Conveners are encouraged to mention these ministries at PLG gatherings and in their ministry settings.

New PLGs. We talked about what geographical areas and vocational types might be ripe for starting more peer learning groups. (If you are interested in starting or joining a group, email us.)

Those were the big takeaways, but many more ideas were put in the hopper for further mulling.

As always, your PLG regional directors are committed to resourcing and supporting groups, conveners, and potential members however we can. Let us know how we can help, whether it’s sending you the link to the funding proposal, thinking through with you how to spend group funds, troubleshooting issues in your group, connecting you with new members, or recommending resources.

La Familia

CBF encourages peer learning group members to become acquainted with various ministries that might have not previously been on your radar. For example, CBF has a Latino network called La Familia, a network founded on the principles of fellowship, advocacy, ministry and missions, identity, leadership, intergenerational diversity, and alliances. La Familia aims to offer a place for Latino leaders to find a home.

For those involved in the CBF Latino Network, family is fundamental, and La Familia of CBF rests on these foundational principles:

F for fellowship: The opportunity to gather together around joys and sorrows.
A for advocacy: To defend, as there are still many things the Latino community must fight for.
M for ministry and missions: It is important for us to unite and work together.
I for identity: Why are we Baptist, and what does it mean to be a Cooperative Baptist?
L for leadership: Without our leaders — lay and clergy — we would not accomplish very much.
I for intergenerational: We need to understand and appreciate the diversity within the Latino community.
A for alliances: We would not be able to do this alone.

For more information, contact CBF Latino Field Coordinator Rubén Ortiz at


La Red Latina CBF se llama FAMILIA, una red fundada en los principios de compañerismo, defensoría, ministerio y misiones, identidad, liderazgo, diversidad intergeneracional y alianzas. FAMILIA tiene como objetivo ofrecer un lugar para que líderes latinos encuentren un hogar. El Coordinador de Campo de CBF Latino Rubén Ortiz es apasionado de compartir ese sentimiento de inclusión y pertenencia con la creciente población latina en los Estados Unidos.

Los principios fundamentales de la Red CFB FAMILIA son:

Fellowship: Compañerismo, la oportunidad de reunirnos en torno a alegrías y tristezas.
Advocacy: Defensoría, porque hay muchas cosas por las cuales debemos aún luchar.
Ministry and Missions: Porque tenemos un Gran Mandamiento y una Gran Comisión.
Identity: Para identificarnos como bautistas y bautistas cooperativos.
Leadership: Sin un sano y capacitado liderazgo no lograríamos mucho.
Inter-generacional: Es imprescindible entender y apreciar la diversidad latina.
Alliances: Sabemos que no podemos hacerlo solos. Tenemos mentalidad de Reino.

Si tienes preguntas sobre cómo involucrarte en FAMILIA contacta con el Coordinador de Campo Latino de CBF Rubén Ortiz en:

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