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Essential Business with Paul Baxley

While it won’t (and shouldn’t) appear on the list of “essential businesses” that are a part of so many of the shelter in place ordinances these days, the church is essential business. The ministry of the church given by the Triune God is always essential. In this moment, the Holy Spirit is calling us to carry out our essential mission and ministry in new ways. In these days, congregations of every size, in every corner of our Fellowship community, have been discovering and developing new ways of living out the church’s essential functions. And now more than ever, it’s true that CBF exists for congregations.

In a special video message to all Cooperative Baptists, CBF Executive Coordinator Paul Baxley speaks into these extraordinary days. He speaks about the power of community and collaboration present in congregations and across the Fellowship through CBF state and regional organizations, partner organizations, chaplains and pastoral counselors, field personnel and staff. He also announces several CBF initiatives to help nurture and resource communities across the Fellowship.

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