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CBF Advocacy: Immigrant Community Advisory

Advocacy Square

The global COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted virtually every community in the United States. Of course, some communities are far more vulnerable to the impact of COVID-19 than others. The immigrant community on the southern border of the United States is certainly one of these communities that is vulnerable to the public health and societal impacts of COVID-19.

immigrationCBF Advocacy has issued an Immigrant Advisory to educate those who work with Immigrant populations and for Immigrants themselves. Our commitment to care for our neighbor is even more important in this time of global crisis. This comes on the heels of news from the border that Fellowship Southwest partner Lorenzo Ortiz has stayed behind the closed border.

We hope you will continue to pray for and advocate on behalf of immigrants and refugees. Now, more than ever, we must follow Jesus’ teaching in John 15. “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12 NRSV). This will continue to be the work of CBF Advocacy in the coming days and will, most certainly, maintain our commitment to immigrant and refugee communities.

With that, CBF Advocacy is excited about the work of Elket Rodriguez, who will serve on a contract basis with CBF for the next year as Immigrant and Refugee Specialist. Elket is the author of this advisory and will continue to keep the Fellowship informed of important information for immigrants and refugees.

For more information and other resources about immigrants and refugees, please visit CBF Advocacy’s Immigrant and Refugee page. For more information on Elket’s work, please click here. Please reach out to Elket at with questions about how you can advocate on behalf of immigrants and refugees in this time.

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