bold faith / COVID-19

CBF Announces Coronavirus Relief Fund


CBF asks for your help to provide food and urgent essentials to the vulnerable children and families we serve in the U.S. and around the world.

As the global coronavirus pandemic continues to grow, the already vulnerable communities we serve—children and families living in poverty, immigrants and refugees, people suffering from the impact of famine and war—plunge deeper into crisis. They lack food and the most basic essentials of life.

Our refugee and immigrant brothers and sisters here in the U.S. have been hit especially hard. They were among the first to lose their jobs as the economy declined, and though they pay taxes, many cannot receive government assistance including stimulus funds.

Please send in a special gift today that will help families in crisis receive emergency food, essential items like diapers and baby formula, assistance with rent or utilities so families can stay in their homes and other urgent support.

You may wish to give a portion or all of your stimulus relief checks to help people in crisis. CBF field personnel and other staff are on the ground now offering these critical emergency services to the people Jesus called the “least of these.”

Please give as much as you can today. Thank you for being the presence of Christ to people who are suffering in these times.


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