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Texas BWIM offers online Bible studies


WORTH, Texas—Texas Baptist Women in Ministry will offer Ministry EDGE Bible Studies for women of all ages, including high school students, beginning May 15. Tia Kim, a veteran minister, will teach the online studies on the Zoom  video conferencing  platform.

The new Ministry EDGE (Every Day Godliness and Excellence) project is an answer to prayer, reported Anyra Cano, executive director of Texas BWIM.

“I have been praying that God would show us new ways to be a resource to the church,” Cano explained. “A few weeks ago, God revealed a great opportunity for us through a fellow woman in ministry, and we are excited to share about a new resource for you and your church.”

The project also answers a longtime prayer for Kim, who returned to the Bay Area of California after earning a master’s degree in Christian ministry at Baylor University’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary.

“I’d like to thank Texas Baptist Women in Ministry for giving me this privilege and opportunity to share Bible studies and topical seminars, such as `The Necessity of Uneasiness’ during these unprecedented times,” said Kim, who has been a minister to children, youth, college students and young adults, as well as a church administrator. While a student at Truett seminary, she also was a research assistant for David Garland, the seminary’s former dean and a noted New Testament scholar.

“I am so excited to share Bible studies to affirm young women, to strengthen those who are in ministry and to encourage those who are between seasons of life and service,” Kim said. “I’m really looking forward to sharing stories, digging deep into the word of God and making the word of God real in our daily lives.”

In addition to general Bible studies, sessions for groups can be arranged to suit schedules and preferred topics, Kim said.

To see topics and details of the free Bible studies, and to register, click here.

To view a video of Kim discussing the Bible studies, click here.

Email Kim at

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