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America in Crisis: White Silence, Black Suffering, Protest and Transformation; BSK Offers 6-Week Workshop

Press Release BSK Simmons (002)

What is going on right now? Where do we go from here? The United States is in a moment of chaos. Communities are divided along racial lines, and there is disagreement and division everywhere. Protests against racially targeted arrests and killings, police brutality, and racist public policy are rapidly increasing across the nation. Many are feeling anger, sadness, grief, and confusion. How do we make sense of this moment? What must we do, if anything can be done, for change and transformation? Is there hope for justice and peace?

In a six-week workshop series, the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky with walk through these difficult issues. The life and theology of Martin Luther King Jr. inspires the arc of the course as a pilgrimage of pain, hope, and transformation. Dr. King boldly described protests as “the language of the unheard” and prophetically asked, “What is it that America has failed to hear?” He challenged all, especially white America, to move from chaos to community through transformation.

Each session incorporates things like videos, personal narratives, readings, and action opportunities to wrestle with the suffering on display during this crisis moment. Community will be built among participants through shared learning and discussion, guidance will be provided for furthering the work in each participant’s local context. Topics will include, “How I Was Trained to Be Quiet (and What Caused Me to Speak): White Silence from a Do-Gooder Christian Perspective,” “We Won’t Take It Any Longer: Understanding the 2020 Black Protest Movement,” “We Know Their Names: The Power of Reading Black History Together,” “God Loves Blackness: Unlearning Whiteness and Building Habits of True Solidarity” and more.

To learn more and to register to participate, visit flourish.bsk.edu/crisis.

One thought on “America in Crisis: White Silence, Black Suffering, Protest and Transformation; BSK Offers 6-Week Workshop

  1. Here are my thoughts on the present racial situation in America.  I worked as a missionary for many years, I am African American now living in Ms.

    A message to White Americans


               This is from my heart and I say it because Ilove you. While I appreciate your words of kindness and shamefulness of yourrace. I believe some of you just might understand our frustration and have expressedgenuine love as believers. However, some of you paint a different picture. Manyof you see us a Clark Kent meek and mild, but when Superman emerges, you are frightenedof us. You love us as long as we are struggling, poor, weak, living in theprojects, etc… We become your best friends. Oh, but let God bless us to move in a house bigger than yours and a jobmaking more than you or move next door to you. You change. You know in yourheart you do not want to go to school with us, live next door to us, and I am awitness you do not want to worship with us. Soon as too many of us come to your church you leave, when too many ofus move into your neighborhood; you move. You love us on stage entertaining youor on a ball field, but you will not accept us as leaders. Many of us haveearned degrees yet you treat us like ignorant people. You will not let us teachat your schools. You have the audacity to call us Uppity if we move above yourstandards. You say you love us, but when God allowed an intelligent man BarackObama to be president, you disrespected him and had nothing good to say abouthim. Some of Ya’ll still believe he is a Muslim and that he is not an Americancitizen. I am not being ugly, and I wish you would hear my heart (thanks Mr.Buddy) and not post hateful comments. I want you to love us as equals and notas tokens or trophies for your trophy case full of Black folk you have beennice to. STOP IT!!!  If you say we arefamily treat us like family. You keep saying why don’t we just get over it, butyet you keep reminding us. We are tired and have had enough of the racism. Weall NEED each other if we are to survive on this planet. Some of you need tocome to God’s alter and confess your racist attitude. Quit apologizing if it isnot from the heart. Your hypocrisy fuels racism and keeps the fires of hatredburning.  This country cannot continuelike this and only God can and will heal this land. Some of you are genuine andGod has used us to bring change, but we are few in number. More of you need toconfess to God and pray for strength to do the RIGHT thing. If Policecommissioners would fire those racist offices and Mayors would hold themaccountable to do so, things would change. I hope I stirred enough anger in youto do something positive to change your race. You have the right to unfriendme, but God knows your heart. I love America and so thankful for what myancestors have done to make it great, but now will you join me to make itgreater. Gwen Williams

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