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Paul Baxley releases statement on the death of Babs Baugh

The following is a statement from CBF Executive Coordinator Paul Baxley on the death of Babs Baugh

It was with great sadness, but also with gratitude and hope, that I learned this morning of the death of Babs Baugh. Babs exuded passion and joy in everything she did. I will miss her. Everyone who knew her will miss her.

Along with all of our Cooperative Baptist Fellowship family, and many others

Babs Baugh (right) and her daughters, Julie Baugh Cloud (left) and Jackie Baugh Moore (center) in 2015.

beyond our community, I express our condolences to the Baugh Family in this great loss. We remember her life with gratitude and thankfulness to God. The Fruits of the Spirit were ever-present in her being. She exuded love, joy, peace, kindness, and was extremely generous with her mind, her energy and her resources. She was courageous in her convictions.

She was bold faith personified. Like her parents before her, she demonstrated the capacity of committed Christians to change communities, congregations and the world. All around us, we see evidence of her impact.

I echo the words of former CBF Executive Coordinator Daniel Vestal in saying, “Babs Baugh was a bright light shining in our world. All of us grieve her death but celebrate the truly beautiful and exuberant life she lived. She was generous, loving and fun. Her influence and legacy for good will extend into future generations. Thanks be to God.”

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