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Emmanuel McCall Racial Equity Fund tops initial fundraising goal

Because of you, the Emmanuel McCall Racial Equity Fund tops the initial fundraising goal before August 20 deadline!

Since the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the CBF Foundation launched a fund on Juneteenth to support the current and long-term racial justice and inclusion work of the Fellowship, you have given or committed more than $126,000 in support of the effort. This exceeded the goal of $100,000 by August 20.

CBF is grateful for these Foundational and Pace Setter churches and individuals who have stepped forward to follow God’s call to seek racial justice. While the fundraising effort so far, even during the days of the pandemic, has been successful, the path toward racial justice and equity is long and requires our long-term commitment. So, we cannot stop now.

To reach our goal of $400,000 by the end of 2020, we invite additional churches and individuals to give generously to the Emmanuel McCall Racial Equity Fund in support of expanding our current work and to help sustain it into the future. 

The fund is named after the Rev. Dr. Emmanuel McCall, a trailblazer who has spent much of his life working for racial justice—as a student, denominational leader, pastor, author and scholar. 

The Emmanuel McCall Racial Equity Fund will support the work of the Fellowship that includes:

  • Increasing diversity and inclusion work led by CBF Global staff and the Pan African Koinonia, formerly known as CBF’s African American Network
  • Initiating intentional spiritual and leadership development opportunities for Black members of CBF
  • Fostering partnerships in CBF state and regional organizations to increase diversity
  • Developing and distributing diversity, equity and inclusion resources for CBF churches
  • Developing and distributing racial justice resources for CBF churches
  • Initiating repair work opportunities for CBF Global, CBF state and regional organizations and local churches with and for the Black community, including social enterprise opportunities, micro-lending initiatives, a rescue loan program and targeted scholarships for seminarians and Black college partners.
  • 75% of the funds raised will go toward immediate work and 25% will be set aside for a longer-term fund.

Visit www.cbf.net/racialequity to give online or mail a check made out to CBF with “McCall Fund” in the memo line to: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, P.O. Box 102972, Atlanta, GA 30368-2972. 

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