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Presence in a Preposition

By Nell Green, CBF field personnel

Matthew 1:23 Look, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall name him Emmanuel,” which means, “God is with us.”

We use the word “with” countless times a day. We use it to express a feature, how to perform an action, being in opposition, an attitude, using a tool or service, etc. Perhaps what comes to mind most quickly is the idea of accompaniment or relating, as in:

I hope to be with my family this holiday season. 

I will go with you.

I am visiting with my friend.

I took a walk with my sister.

In a season where many of us feel isolated and lonely, we crave “with”. We want a human touch that promises us “with” is occurring. We want a voice that calls and expresses “with.” We want activity alongside ours that demonstrates the accompaniment of “with.”  

Pandemic requires that we find new ways to be present, to be with. CBF Field Personnel have responded to the need for “with” among those they serve. They say, “I am with you” as they serve food and deliver food baskets; as they make phone calls to those who are isolated; as they provide face masks to those without access; as they make shelter for those who have none; as they provide immigration counseling via Zoom; as they teach English and other classes via WhatsApp; as they tutor those who are limited in educational access; as they provide drive by or walk by communion; as they share video greetings; as they help conduct memorial services virtually or socially distanced; as they provide medical care. The list is endless.

The Offering for Global Missions funds the presence of these Field Personnel. It permits them to be “with.” Though they cannot do it as intimately and closely as they did this time last year, they continue in relationships. They continue the accompaniment. They continue the “with.” 

Being “with” means being present to another. “Emmanuel, God with us.” God is not just present. God is present to us. 

Contributions to the Offering for Global Missions allow Field Personnel to embody God’s presence among the most neglected and marginalized, to those who may not experience “with” even when there is no pandemic. In this season of giving, you can make that connection by making generous gift to the Offering for Global Missions today at

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